Director of Cantorial Training

Mimi Sheffer taught practical rabbinics to the rabbinical students at the Abraham Geiger College from 2003 through 2010. In 2007 she established the Cantorial Training within the college, the Jewish Institute of Cantorial Arts, an academic program aimed to train professional cantors for Europe. She was Director of Cantorial Studies until 2010

As director, Mimi Sheffer had the responsibilities of planning and carrying out the entrance procedure and curriculum. Moreover, she was responsible for the teaching staff, the personal development of the students, the designing of a new synagogue, the purchase of musical instruments, the development of a music library and establishing the Atarah choir. She established contact and exchange with similar institutes abroad, such as the School of Sacred Music at the Hebrew Union College in NY and in Jerusalem, the H. L. Miller Cantorial School at the ewish Theological Seminary, the Jewish Music Institutein London and the Renanot Institute in Jerusalem.

Mimi Sheffer initiated contact to the new Jewish congregations in Germany as well as in Europe. She was able to recruit international experts such as Prof. Eliyahu Schleifer, Prof. Micha Brumlik, Cantor Israel Goldstein, Samuel Adler, Dr. Jascha Nemtsov, and Cantor Benjamin Maissner. Rabbi Tovia Ben-Chorin, Adina Ben-Chorin, Rabbi Dalia Marx, Rabbi Michael Leipziger, Cantor Isaac Sheffer, Cantor Laszlo Pasztor, Cantor Simon Zkorenblut and Varda Seelig were all recruited to the regular teaching staff.
The concert series Das KantorenKonzert was initiated and organized by her.


In October 2010 she joined the team at Beit Warszawa to establish the program,
a training of lay cantors, and acts there as academic director. Shatz is short for Shliach Tzibbur,
the Hebrew word for “messenger of the congregation” and is the traditional term for lay cantor.
The first six Shatz’s have been certified in July of 2011 to lead Shabbat services.
Three Shatz's were certified for High Holy Day services in September 2012.
A new group began their studies in January 2012.


As of February 2013, Mimi Sheffer has been giving Chazzanut Seminars at the Hochschule für jüdische Studien at the University of Heidelberg.