The following selections of orchestral, chamber and choral concert programs are examples from a very rich repertoire of encounters; encounters between cultures, religions and composers. These encounters reflect my musical, cultural and religious heritage and the endeavors I had made with them as cantor and concert singer. All composers in this selection, Jews and Non-Jews were born to the German culture, studied it and were, or still are, successful with it.

Orchestral Music


Orchestral Music I
Paul Ben-Haim - „Kabbalat Shabbat“ – für Cantor, Chor u. Orchester
Felix Mendelssohn – 42. Psalm, für Sopran, Chor u. Orchester


Orchestral Music II
Lukas Foss – The Song of Songs, für Sopran und Orchester
Alban Berg – 7 Frühe Lieder, für Sopran u. Orchester
Arnold Schönberg - 4 Lieder für Gesang und Orchester


Orchestral Music III
Franz Schubert - Miriam’s Siegesgesang, für Sopran u. Orchester

Ernest Bloch – 2 Psalmen für Sopran u. Orchester
Achron – Pragim, für Sopran u. Orchester


Chamber Music


Paul Hindemith – Die Serenaden, für Sopran und Streichquartett 
Ernst Toch – Die Chinesische Flöte, für Sopran u. 14 Instrumente
Samuel Adler – Nuptial Scene, für Sopran und 7 Instrumente


*There is also a rich selection of pieces for smaller chamber settings, 
as well as numerous art songs for voice and piano.


Choral Music


Choral Music I
Franz Schubert Psalm 23 – for woman’s choir
Mendelssohn – Psalm 55 für Sopran, Chor u. Orgel 
Arnold Schönberg – Psalm 130 for 6 part choir
Heinrich Schalit – Shabbat Morning Liturgy for Cantor (Soprano) Choir and Organ


Choral Music II
Pieces for Cantor, Choir and Organ from the Jewish Liturgy
Paul Ben-Haim -  “Kabbalat Shabbat“ A Friday Night Service